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Cleansing Lash Foam 100ml & Brush


BL Lash Foam 100ml & Brush

+ Helps cleanse eye makeup residue and remove any oil, protein, germs or dust between the eyelashes due to its fine foaming formula easily passed through the lashes

+ Designed to not weaken lash extension bond

+ Lengthen the bonding life of eyelash extensions

+ Cleanses eyelashes of pollutants like sebum, sodium, dead skin and makeup residue

+ Use on clients prior and post eyelash extension application 

+ Great retail item, for the shower and on the go

+ Helps prevent blepharitis by maintaining hygiene and healthy eyes

BL Lash Foam Cleanser has a rich, fine foam oil-free formula which easily passes through the eyelash area to help remove sodium, sebum, dead skin, and makeup residue etc. This is essential to lengthen the bonding life of eyelashes extensions and keep the eye area healthy. Also a great Retail item for your business.

Customer Reviews

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Alana denman

Love it so much. I’ve used 3 different brands and this one is definitely my fave 😍😍

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